Cheap eats in Sydney

Finding cheap food anywhere is tough. Finding cheap places to eat in Sydney though, is really tough.

Mission for the week: Eat like a prince (or princess), on the wage of a pauper.
Budget: $10 per meal.
Meal allowance: Lunch & dinner, 2 times a week (no one eats out every day).

Lunch – Thai!!! To put it mildly, I fricking LOVE Thai food, and although it’s reasonably priced, eating Thai for dinner too often has burned a fairly nasty hole in my wallet. Eating it for lunch on the other hand… Most Thai places, especially those in Newtown, have lunch specials ranging from $6.50 to $9. Most lunch specials are kind of crappy, but not these! Today, Hannele and I each got a full meal (with rice) for $7 each, at Thai Times 9. So, so worth the 5 minute walk (yes, we’re that lazy). Best dish: Chicken w. Cashew Nut Sauce, or Pad See Ew (noodle-y goodness).

Dinner – Subway cookies. This blog post is making me look really unhealthy but oh well. Subway itself is pretty cheap, the sandwiches are decent, my fave is the veggie pattie on italian herbs and cheese, just FYI. But I didn’t come here for the sandwiches, oh no, I came for the cookies! Subway has the cheapest and best cookies, $4 for 6 is the biggest bargain, and they’re SO GOOD. Best one: I vote Raspberry Cheesecake, Hannele votes Classic Choc Chip.

Lunch – Froyo. That’s food… right? Frozen yoghurt, or froyo as the hipsters call it, is ‘healthy’ and so nom-worthy it’s scary. Yogurberry is my froyo provider of choice, and the best part: you make it yourself, so you get to choose how much yoghurt, what toppings, and how much of each topping. At $0.25 per 10 grams, it’s a great deal, so you can work based on your hunger or your hip pocket. That said, I always get the big cup, lots of yoghurt, and usually crushed oreos and coco pops, and it’s about $7. Bonus: they’re EVERYWHERE. Best flavour: Tiramisu; Best topping: Crushed Oreos, duh.

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Dinner – Seriously debating whether Messina Gelato counts as a meal, I mean, there’s gotta be at least 1000 calories in 3 scoops ($7, and they aren’t stingy with the delicious ice cream). Now, I could and would live off the stuff, it’s hands down the best ice cream I have ever had, and I’m including legit gelato in Italy in this assessment. It’s $7 for 3 scoops, which is very reasonable. The catch: there’s always a queue. Best flavour: Yoghurt Caramel. You gotta try: Mr. Potato Head.

If you’re working off $2: McDonald’s has their ‘loose change’ menu, but the cheapest place of all is home!

What (and where) are your fave cheap eats in your city? Sound off in the comments!

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