Etiquette and Espionage

Etiqiette and EspionageEtiquette and Espionage is the latest release from ‘Parasol Protectorate‘ series creator, Gail Carriger.

Set in a Victorian steampunk era Etiquette and Espionage is written for the pre-teen / tween audience rather than teens this is the first in a new series starring Sophronia.

Sophronia is a fourteen year old with an inquisitive mind and little care for the social conventions of ‘boy’ versus ‘girl’ activities. So much so that her mother jumps at the chance to send her off to Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality.

The friends Sophronia makes from the school are great (if you’ve read the Soulless books you’ll recognise one of the characters – a young french girl with a predisposition to wearing male clothing) and their adventure through observation, exploration and espionage is really quite fun.

So if you are looking for an adventure book for a pre-teen or tween this is a great series to start, or if you’re an adult and like imagining a different / adventures childhood you’ll enjoy it too.

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