Fairytales for Wilde Girls

Fairytales for Wilde GirlsIt’s hard to believe that Fairytales for Wilde Girls girls is a debut novel.

Allyse Near is a 23 year old Australian writer and uni student (making me happy I can include this read in my Australian Women Writers Challenge tally, but also that little bit jealous of her achievement).

The writing style is similar to The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making that I reviewed this time last year, and What the Raven Saw  from earlier this year (also a debut Australian women author) but the story is grounded more in reality. Near lists Neil Gaiman as one of her inspirations, and you can tell – if you’re a Gaiman fan I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Isola Wilde isn’t like other teenagers, she experiences a world with a supporting cast of fairytale characters. Characters that have nothing but her best interests at heart – her princes. She’s one of those girls the nuns at her Catholic school cross themselves over, and other than the princes and her besty Grape the friends list is limited. When Edgar moves in across the road Isola’s world shifts and things take a turn to to the dark-side.  Isola is being haunted by a nightmare from the forest  that won’t leave her alone and one by one is taking the ones she loves away from her. Forced to take a stand Isola is able to break through the darkness and find her way from the woods…

Like Greene in the Fault in Our Stars Near hasn’t shyed away from a difficult topic. She takes teenage mental health on in a beautiful and poetic manner that brings light, some understanding and sympathy to a topic often hidden behind doors.

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Fairytales for Wilde Girls isn’t just for wild girls, or even just girls, it’s a solid read that will take you away and when you’re finished it will leave you believing in the human spirit and our capacity for love that little bit more.


Fairytales for Wilde Girls by Allyse Near is out June 2013.

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