Far from home

People stare at me when I say I lived in a boarding school for nine years. Yes sir! Nine years of cold pillows, no parents, cheese sandwiches without chips in them, cranky headmasters and awesome lifetime friends.

Going to school or uni far from home can be hard sometimes. You do not have to be a boarder to understand; even if you are an exchange or international student, times can be hard. But I believe it is part of an experience.

Some of the major problems could be the language, food, culture, strange faces, big city and chaotic alleys. But you know what? Look at it as an opportunity (not the one where your parents are not nagging you, the other ones). You might be in a strange place, but you are independent and the world is your oyster.

Trust me, there are more benefits than challenges. I got into boarding school when I was in year three. It taught me make my own bed, cook my own food, wash my own clothes when the machine was hogged up, and save my pocket money. In simple terms, it taught me to be independent.¬†Additionally, friends that you make while away from home aren’t just your friends. It is they who become your family.

Learning away from home might not be your traditional education, but it sure prepares you for the outside world. So, embrace it and be thankful for that independence.




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