Fifteen Percent Pregnant

Fifteen Percent Pregnant Fifteen Percent Pregnant is written from the man’s perspective, Tony Hardy the author, about the trials and mishaps of IVF.

Tony and the beaut met later in life, hence starting a family quite difficult. They soon realise that after the age of 35 all sorts of things start to falter within our bodies concerning fertility. They both soon realise it’s not as easy as everyone makes it out to be (getting pregnant that is).

They journey into the medical avenue of assisted conception in order to complete thier family. Along the way Tony re-connects with someone he went to high school with who has been down the same path 13 times, she opens their eyes to the possiblities that modern science is doing for infertile couples.

Its a little different to all the other titles of this catagory I’ve read as they’ve all been written from the woman’s perscpective. It was an easy read. Hardy got his story across in a no mess, no fuss, no holds barred kind of a way.

If you have friends that you know of that are trying for a baby and considering IVF I would recommend you buy them this book.

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