Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades of oh my lord Ana is annoying… 

The Fifty Shades of series started off as Twilight fan fiction – meaning James loved the Twilight saga so much she couldn’t let it go and decided to write her own erotica novel featuring non-other than Bella and Edward.

It turned out that the story was too raunchy for the fan fiction site and James was asked to remove it. This she did and published it on her own site changing the names to Anastasia (Ana) Steele and Christian Grey. Then there was love for it, it got picked up by a publisher, and all of a sudden BOOM international bestseller!

Fifty Shades of Grey is erotica. It has been dubbed “mummy porn” by many (non-erotica reading) commentators. I wouldn’t limit the reading group to “mums”, nor would I class this as porn. Yes, there are some full on sex scenes, bondage and the like, but a lot of erotic novels have that (surprise!!).

As Ana started off as a version of Bella it’s not surprising that I didn’t like her (how annoying is Bella!). What makes her just that little bit worse is that she is constantly referring to her “subconscious” and an “inner goddess” – pages could have been cut if these references were removed and she just made a decision!

Mr Grey is everything that one would want from an erotica ‘hero’ he’s young, rich, handsome, with a brooding quality that makes him mysterious, an enigma… He does however have an irritating habit of calling her ‘baby’, which, combined with his stalker activities, equal creep factor.

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It is a bad book, which is ok as bad books can be good.

I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t hard to read (only taking a couple of hours on two nights, and one lunch time – which was a little weird, nothing like reading a sex scene with several colleagues sitting around the table).

It’s also proved to be a topic of conversation in a wide range of situations – at work, a family gathering, a formal dinner for a 50th anniversary and at the pub.

So, you want to read an average erotica novel with some good sex scenes that is easy to read and enjoyable grab a copy of Fifty Shades and get to it, but if you want a well written one with a less annoying female lead you’ll need to read something else.

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