Film Wizardry

I love the Harry Potter books and find the films (while leaving out some crucial details which is more unforgivable than an unforgivable curse) are pretty darn awesome!

In celebration of the eight films, Harry Potter Film Wizardry is more than a memorabilia book. It features behind the scenes photos, incredible concept art, interviews with the cast and crew as well as lovely pockets filled with unique Harry Potter pieces featured in the films. From labels for potion bottles to an invitation to the Yule Ball, everything is produced in the highest quality, the fold out Mauraders’ Map is the best.

Elements like the casting and costuming, the CGI and how they trained all those owls are given great detail as Warner Brothers Studios opens its archives to reveal how the magic of the films was brought to life. The revised and expanded edition includes information and relics from all eight films.

film wizardry2a

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