Summer boredom busters

Hello summer! Out of cold winter, out of the mood-swinging spring and into a good, blazing Aussie summer!

I’m looking forward to the beach, BBQ’s with mates and surfing these summer months. There are so many cool outdoor activities to do with friends, so here is our complete boredom buster guide to outdoor adventures.

Paintball – It’s like a less violent Hunger Games. Last person standing wins!

Rock Climbing – Whether it’s indoor climbing or out on a mountain, rock climbing is fun and challenging.

Scuba Diving/Snorkelling – The great Barrier Reef is an amazing place to visit, especially as rising sea temperatures and storms are putting considerable strain of the delicate coral. See it while you can and enjoy a day of scuba or snorkelling if you’re in northern Queensland. Australia has some fantastic beaches and reefs, so check out what diving and snorkelling options are near you.

Fishing – I know, I know!!! But seriously, it can be fun and relaxing. Go out on a boat or chill on the pier with friends. Catch ‘em, kiss ‘em and throw ‘em back! (The fish, not your friends.) Or, if you’re into fishing for a feed, enjoy your catch freshly cooked that night.

Surfing, Kayaking or Paddle Boarding – all great beach activities. But be warned, paddle boarding is harder than it looks!

If adventuring isn’t your forte, then a sunny day, good book and picnic at the park or beach is wonderful.

At the Co-op we are so ready for summer, so be sure to visit us in-store or online for some fantastic goodies for summer adventuring!

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