Get books for your birthday

While trying to plan my own party, it came to my attention that there are a hell of a lot of birthdays this time of year (I guess Christmas and New Years are just baby-makin’ season – ew). That means if you’re not receiving gifts you’ll almost certainly be giving them, and finding the perfect pressie is no easy feat.

Being a book lover, I reckon the best presents come printed, bound and wrapped in sparkly birthday paper (one of the coolest presents I ever got was the final four books in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles – best!). The awesome thing about books is that there are so many different genres, styles and authors, so there’s a 100% guarantee you’ll find the right thing for that special someone. Whether it’s the latest hit, a classic, fantasy, something history, or biography (hey, even classic children’s books can be cute), there’s a title out there for everyone.

Luckily, The Co-op has a massive range to choose from, so if you order online right now you’ll be set. And if you’re still drawing a blank, or the birthday boy/girl isn’t really into books (crazy people), there are other options. Check out some board games, jigsaw puzzles or even some sweet knick-knacks.  There – all your September/October Birthday needs are covered.

So, this is me sending out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to all my fellow Librans, kicking up our heels over the next few weeks, and eating all the cake. And for those of you out there who are still scrambling for the perfect gift – good luck.

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Kyra Bandteis at UOW studying creative writing and english literatures (all things writing, all the time). She’s always buying books faster than she can read them, but she’ll get to them all one day. Likes include coffee, board games, overcast skies, the colour green and throwing nouns together. Dislikes include cliches. 

Kyra is also completing a Copywriting and Public Relations Internship at the Co-op as part of her course.

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