Get organised for 2015

In this digital age I’ve done what most of us have done and moved to using an online calendar synced to my phone to keep organised.

Only problem was that I didn’t check it all the time, and I found I could only set one reminder for events, calendars didn’t sync across devices, or I didn’t put the event in the calendar at all …

This meant that there were a number (yup, more than a few) where I totally forgot about an event and was at home in my pjs in no state to go out, or I’d double booked and was out with one group when I should have been somewhere else.


Then partway through last year I was given a wall calendar someone thought I’d like because of the pictures. I thought thanks, but I don’t actually use a printed wall calendar.

But I put it up and I started using it, and, surprise surprise, my event MIA frequency dropped dramatically.

It’s in a high traffic area at home so I walk past it a lot, and I think I’ve been taking in the information by osmosis, and now when I talk about making plans I picture the calendar in my head and have an idea of what is going on,  even if my phone may say otherwise.

So, if you’d like to give the old school way of things a go, we’ve got a range of snazzy diaries and calendars for sale here, or you can pick up one of our poster-sized free wall planners in-store at your local Co-op. If you don’t have a Co-op store near by, you can print your own copy in A4 or A3 with our Co-op 2015 Wall Planner.

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