Gettin’ rich quick!

Has it been a long week of suffering an acute case of short arms and deep, empty pockets? Want to know how to make quick cash? Whether you need to catch up on rent or buy some new threads without breaking the bank, here are a few fab ideas to rack up some cash quickly!

  • Trash and treasure! If your humble abode is best described as ‘cluttered’ you could make some great money on clothes, exercise equipment, DVDs (obvs not scratched), home decorations… pretty much anything in decent condition that can be stuck on eBay or Craigslist for the highest bidder. You’ll be surprised what your old stuff can go for. Just remember to post good pictures, set up secure payment (like PayPal) and don’t ship the goods till you’ve seen the cash.
  • Get crafty Remember when you were young and charged 5 cents for your homemade “lemonade”? If you have a creative gene then is kind of like an online lemonade stand. Use the platform to sell clothes, jewellery, artworks, bags… pretty much anything handmade and creative! Just don’t get swept up buying stuff instead of selling!
  • Just a temp from Chiswick If you don’t have a full time job, temp jobs like OneShift are a good way to get casual, one-off employment and earn some extra cash on a weekend.
  • Renting 9-5 If you have extra space, like a spare bedroom, then getting a housemate is a good way to halve your living costs. Alternately, if the idea of shacking up with a stranger is alarming and you have a large driveway or a good parking space in a convenient area of town, renting out those spaces can reel in the moolah.
  • Babysitting Provided you are a responsible adult, watching someone’s tot tear away for an afternoon so they can remember what it felt like to be young and child-free can rake in some good cash in hand. Dog walking for neighbours or friends is also a good way to exercise and earn cash. If you can exercise, walk a dog and hang on to a toddler at the same time, then go for gold!
  • Selling tickets to the end of the world So, you’re strapped for cash but last month you bought concert tickets… you have the option to go to the concert and have Instagram cred but no internet, or sell the tickets and have electricity for an extra month. Again, eBay or Word of Mouth can help flog your tickets.
  • Busk If you have a particularly good set of pipes, can play the guitar, or hey – even the triangle, then find a patch of pavement, chuck down a hat and sing for your supper! You never know, you could earn some money or be scouted for X Factor. Probs a good idea to check with the local council first though.
  • Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father Get Florence’s “Dog Days Are Over” as your power song and train for a marathon. If you come in 1st to 4th place, there can be some pretty swish prize money up for grabs. Of course, you actually need to be able to finish a 42km marathon first…
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Even if the negative numbers are concerning you, it’s best to not lose your head and make rash decisions. So, take heed of the things we suggest you don’t do…

  • Loans These can be very risky, especially as interest rates and late fees can bite back hard. You want to earn money, not be declared bankrupt, ok?
  • ‘Make a Thousand Dollars’ online Can you spell SCAM? Be really careful about those lucrative, highly paid jobs on ‘the internet’. Often the case is these companies sign you up and charge you a hundred bucks to get a starter kit, which only prompts you to sign up other unsuspecting mates. While there are some apps and online surveys out there that will offer gift cards or cash for your opinion, they are not going to bring in the as-promised ‘thousands’.
  • The Casino Only if you are beyond desperate do you head to the blackjack table with your 5 dollar buy in. If you’re a card shark then good luck to you, but if not you can risk losing more than you ever had in the first place. If you do choose to try your hand, remember the golden rule to leave the moment you have won the money you need.
  • And as an extra tip, hang on to that kidney! Selling organs can be risky and borderline illegal in some areas. Just don’t do it!

And if all else fails to make quick cash, then really the only option left is to budget smartly and Get Rich Slow. Here’s a blog post by best-selling author Sarah Riegelhuth to get you started!

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