#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amaruso

I love rags to riches stories, I love fashion, I love badass women taking names and building an empire… Sophia Amoruso has built an empire of vintage designer fashion and her new book #GIRLBOSS, documents her meteoric rise to online shopping domination with the fabulous Nasty Gal Vintage online store. Amoruso is an inspiring young woman who has truly made it. With a sharp tongue and clear hope for her readers, #GIRLBOSS may be just what you need to read if you have entrepreneurial dreams of your own.

This book is part memoir of a wayward teenager making good, part business advice guide and part inspirational tale for young entreprenuers and women starting their careers. It’s fresh, vibrant and written with the perfect amount of snark and wit to truly set it apart from other business books.


Amoruso definitely caught the right wave at the right moment, launching an online fashion store through MySpace and eBay just when these platforms where taking off and gaining popularity. She went from being a petty thief to the CEO of a national company that was expanding exponentially, making her a business and cultural icon. Did I mention she achieved all this before reaching 30 years old!! While it may be hard to replicate her incredible success, since the online world has changed so drastically, her life and business advice is definitely interesting and helpful for those at the start of their career, deciding the merits of a company job or striking out on their own as an entrepreneur.

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Amoruso blends wit and humour into her life story and business advice, that will inspire you to shift your personal and professional goals to achieve what you want in life, and present yourself well in a difficult marketplace. I highly recommend it! Her frank, no-bulls**t way of dishing out advice and life lessons makes this a refreshing read in the sea of books targeting young uni graduates. Seriously, I loved this book, #GIRLBOSS for the win.


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