Got the street smarts?

I have heard many stories of people getting mugged in dark alleyways. Seriously! It is so important to be street smart at all times and keep your wits about you.

Recently I got told off by my dad when he came to pick me up at the station. When I got in the car he goes “Has your mind gone insane, you should not wait at the station after you have left the train!”

It then struck me why I shouldn’t have waited for my dad at the deserted station (rather at a well-lit, busy place).

1)  It was dark – after 9pm

2)  There was no staff at the station

3)  There were no security cameras around

Always, always think about what your surrounding is like – is it full of people? Or empty? Be alert at all times. When boarding a train, choose a well-lit carriage with people on it. When walking alone, don’t flash your wallet and money everywhere. Or your smartphone for that matter, but do have it on you (discreetly) and be ready to call for help if needed.

For people who are not built heavy like me, why not look into taking martial arts classes? I am soon going to start once I save enough money – it’s a small price to pay for safety!

So be street smart, peeps, and stay safe!


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