Graduation, Lost Assignments and Exam Blues… Life of a Third Year

Graduation The feeling you get walking out of your last exam is always different to what you think it will be before the exam. I expect that I will run out of the exam, grinning like a fool, see all of my classmates who have conveniently finished at the same time as me and we’ll talk about how easy the exam was and what we’re looking forward to doing during the summer.

This is never how it turns out. Not even close.

Usually I walk out of an exam early (I never know if that’s a good or bad sign). I don’t run excitedly, but leave doubting my performance in the exam. I never see anyone who did my exam; instead there are groups of my friends doing other subjects so I don’t get to talk about how easy the exam was. Not that I would like to talk about how I did anyway. Thinking about it makes me sick from the moment the exam finishes to the release of the results! My entire university career has been like this, up until now.

Semester 1 was over, and I was looking forward to finishing this year and doing something new next year, getting into the real world. However those dreams came to a halt when I checked my results. I was in Cambodia, half a world away, when I found out that I had failed!

Next came the lengthy process of appealing my result and finding an assignment (which turns out he had lost!) This meant emailing my mum back home to scan through doctors certificates, looking for a little blue assignment receipt (who even keeps them?!), and then me jumping into a tuk tuk with my Cambodian friend to find a printer (which was so much harder than you would think, trust me!) to print out forms, signing them, scanning them back, more emailing… it just went on and on!

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Finally I was home and able to figure out what was happening, alas the subject coordinator wasn’t responding to my emails! After about 6 weeks he said to just come in with a copy of the assignment. It was at an end! He said that my final mark would be online soon. About a week later I checked my online transcript (I was seriously afraid of looking) and it said Fail, that I got 0!

Well- there went all of my dreams for next year – so I went through the semester not knowing it would be my last one.

It was week 12 of semester when I hesitantly logged onto my online site and to my surprise my mark had changed, I had passed! It seemed like they’d just misplaced my result. It was the best and worst feeling, I was excited that I could leave and dive into full-time work and that this mess was sorted out, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to say goodbye to all my uni friends. I realised that 16 years of education was over and it was time for something completely unknown, which was kind of a scary thought.

So that’s why walking out my last exam ever was so different. On one hand I had all of those feelings of doubt, feeling sick to my stomach and a lifelong fear of my uni’s online site, but I was also at peace. All of the false hope, letdowns and excitement this semester had just worn me out and I was happy for semester to be over! I’m still waiting for my results, but I’m enjoying this time of not knowing for once and I’ve realised that there’s so much more to life than letting uni and exam period get you down anyway.

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Has your university ever lost your results or something similar? Leave a comment to tell us your story!

Guest Blogger: Emma, 3rd Year Student at the University of Wollongong majoring in Marketing and Advertising, Co-op Member since 2010, Social Media Intern

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