Spoil your friends (for cheap!) on their birthday

Ahhh, friends… you think you know them inside out until it comes to buying a present for their birthday. Suddenly, the ‘what do you want for your birthday’ question is answered in ‘ummms’ and ‘errs’ and ‘nothing, honestly, don’t get me anything, just come to the party’. Which is possibly the biggest trap ever laid!

When you don’t want to cop out and give money or gift cards (specifically a Co-op gift card, even though you know that’s what they really want!) here are a few of our selections to point you in the direction of gift-giving nirvana. At the Co-op, we love giving gifts (like your Membership discounts) and have a huge range of items that will span generations and soften the hardest of gift critics!

And I’m not going to segregate this list by something for girls, or a thing for the guys. Rather, here are our fail-proof gift ideas for everyone!

Beauty – Mor, Karen Murrell and Burts Bees make perfect gifts under $25.

Tech gear – Oh man, how do we express our love for cool gadgets? It’s like being James Bond, except you don’t get an exploding pen anymore.

Hot Reads – Literally, the best selection of fiction every month, available right at your fingertips. The lit snob in your social circle will be well pleased.

Doctor Who – Whether seeking nostalgia or newness, the TARDIS, Doctor and companions make a fantastic gift in accessories or novels for any age.

The Great Outdoors – With summer around the corner, beach gear and outdoors-y gifts like picnic blankets and classic games are wonderful for those long warm days.

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Toys – Oh to be young again. At the Co-op, we have a great range of toys, puzzles and books for kids of all ages.

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