Happy 500th blog post to us!

After an excited countdown on our advent calendar this week (aka blog schedule), we are excited to announce our 500th post since launching the Co-op blog in May last year! (The 500th one is this one, by the way!)

*Insert party horn sound here*

To celebrate this half-millennium milestone, we decided to bring you some fascinating facts and figures that surround the number 500…

  • 500 is the number used at the end of many car race names to denote it’s length, eg. Daytona 500, Indianapolis 500. Ok, so maybe not that fascinating…
  • The letter D is the symbol for 500 in Latin
  • The Proclaimers’ song 500 Miles was released in 1988, and was recently remixed with David Guetta’s Titanium for the film Pitch Perfect (ok ok it’s a little far-fetched to be a 500 fact, but we like it!)
  • Most of us probably won’t live to 500 (except the vampires among us)
  • 500 virtual candles sit atop our virtual birthday cake 😉

So happy 500th blog post to us – and here’s to another 500!


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