Happy 50th, Macquarie University!

2014 marks the 50th birthday of Macquarie University – that’s 50 years of the uni ‘doing things differently’. Happy birthday and congratulations, Macquarie Uni! We’ve loved being there with you along the journey (the Co-op opened on the campus in 1967, just three years after the uni first opened its doors).

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In celebration of it’s Jubilee, Macquarie Uni has been reflecting on its history and achievements, with several retrospective events having already taken place this year. These include two exhibitions showcasing arts and artefacts from the last 50 years. There’s also been the creation of the Jubilee Hub, an online portal where people are able to submit stories about their MQ memories, as well as read and comment on other people’s submissions. In May, some of the uni’s earliest graduates returned to campus to relive old memories and admire how far MQU has come. You can find the full list of events here.

But Macquarie Uni is not simply looking back in their Jubilee year. Rather than resting on its laurels and settling into ‘middle age’, the uni is looking to the future, with many exciting new projects and improvements already in development. And we for one cannot wait!

Congratulations once again, Macquarie University. Well done on 50 years. The Co-op looks forward to being there with you for the next 50 years!



Staff at MQ Uni’s Co-op Bookshop in the 1970s



An insight into MQ Uni’s Co-op Bookshop in 1975


Inside MQ Uni’s Co-op store in 1991







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