HarbourJohn Ajvide Lindqvist is the Swedish author who wrote Let the Right One In – a novel about a young boy and the friend he makes … who happens to be a vampire. No he isn’t a writer of teen vampire romance, he is a thriller writer. (Let the Right One In has been made into both a Swedish and a US movie, Let me In, if you want to watch thriller with atmosphere get the Swedish version).

Harbour is … well hard to describe.

You go along thinking something is going to happen, and bam it does, and not in a way you thought it would. There are large chunks of nothingness – much like the landscape of  the Island of Domaro where the story is set. There are stories of the past interwoven with THE story from different players, and I did need to have ‘let me just think about that’ time as I was reading it.

The overall result: a great read that is as enjoyable as it is odd.


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