Have you done your research?

I have had the privilege and the opportunity to travel beyond the borders of ACT and into the wide world that I usually only engage with through the internet. A holiday is usually the cause and need to get away from the dull repetitive days spent downloading music and movies. The coast is quite a good option but to really escape the dreary routine of the city you must experience what it’s like to live in another country, even if only for a little while.

There are so many cultures out there and to get the most out of another culture you must immerse yourself into their everyday experience, for what might seem normal and dreary to them could be your very first  ‘goat milking’, ‘drum dancing’ or ‘rickshaw ride’ experience. It depends what part of the planet you want to visit and what time of year it is, but let’s pretend you’ve got that sorted, your tickets are booked and your bag packed, what now?

Facing the unknown can be very scary but that fear can also propel us into furthering our human experience. One thing we should be wary of though when travelling overseas is weird laws we never knew about. Here are some weird laws I bet you’ve never heard of either:

  • Heading to Germany? Don’t run out of fuel on the Autobahn or you’ll find yourself with a nasty fine or worse!
  • Or maybe you’re getting a taste of the film star life in Cannes, France. Just be sure to leave your Jerry Lewis mask at home; you could end up in prison if you wear it.
  • Whether you’re flying to Europe or Asia you may very well stop over in Singapore. Enjoy the cleanness and the serenity but make sure you don’t walk around your house in the nude with the curtains open: that could land you in jail for up to three months!
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I know what it’s like anticipating a trip overseas, with so many things to organise. In the midst of it you might forget a few things; that’s fine, just remember to do your research (and, um, your passport! Always remember that one.)


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