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The Co-op comes to Melbourne University

This weekend has been a massive weekend for the Co-op, we are getting ready to open the doors on two brand new Co-op Bookshops tomorrow morning!

The newest editions (yes, it should be additions, but we are in the book world) are on campus at The University of Melbourne.

Late last year the University of Melbourne made the decision to cease operating the bookshops on campus and earlier this year they put out to tender the contract for bookshop operations on campus. With only 3 stores in Victoria on campus at the Bundoora, Bendigo and Wodonga campuses of La Trobe University we had our fingers (and toes) crossed when we put out tender in.

We were awarded the contract, and after ‘getting the keys’ on Friday the weekend has been spent Co-opifying the spaces previously occupied by Melbourne University Bookshop and SPP Medical & Legal Books. So what does it take, other great staff and some solid cleaning products?

At The Co-op Bookshop University of Melbourne it involved:

New door signage

A lot of re-labeling …

and an amazing amount of re-shelving …

until it was ready for the doors to open

While over at The Co-op Bookshop Melbourne SPP there was a lot more external signage involving the use of scissor lifts

glass cleaning, more re-labeling and re-shelving …

and as this doesn’t make for good photos, we’ll just go straight for the ta-dah with one looking at the entrance to the store:

The Co-op Bookshop Melbourne SPP

It was a big effort from all involved, and we think they look like bookshop’s you’d like to browse in. So, if you are in Melbourne come and visit us either at The Co-op Bookshop University of Melbourne in the Baillieu Building, or The Co-op Bookshop Melbourne SPP in the Alan Gilbert Building  after the doors open tomorrow morning!!

Where the Wild Things Are

Let the Wild Rumpus Start …

Today the news has come that author / illustrator, Maurice Sendak, who is most well known for Where the Wild Things Are passed away aged 83.

A lot of us, if not all of us will either had Where the Wild Things Are read to us as kids, or found it ourselves on the shelf in the school library.  I was introduced to it by ‘borrowing’ it from my older brother.

The cover with the not-that-scary monster with human feet sitting on an island with a boat in the background screamed ADVENTURE for me.

The thought of adventure, and the question: why does that monster have human feet? made me want to open the book to find out more.

What I remember about the book from when I was a kid was that Max put on his wolf-suit, got in trouble, ran away, ended up on an island, convinced the monsters there that he was the king and to play games, it all went a bit wrong, Max went home, and with a sad wave got back in his boat and said farewell to the wild things, and then, when he got home he didn’t get into trouble.  (I do have a feeling that I may have totally ignored the words that Sendak wrote and made my own version up, telling it to which ever parent was on story-time that night)

When I watched the 2009 Spike Jonz Where the Wild Things Are movie adaptation the take out was pretty much the same – I was amazed watching the wild things rumpus-ing and interacting with an actual Max. (If you haven’t seen it is is visually grand, and it was filmed here is Oz).

Last week finally got  to Dave Eggers’ The Wild Things in my TBR pile and the adventures of that Max and those wild things got me thinking. It sent me off to have another read of Where the Wild Things Are, and now I love the book even more. The manifestation of the bits Max can’t control and the journey of discovery and acceptance, the fact that we all have that stuff inside us and it does’t make us a bad person … so, RIP Maurice Sendak, thank you for having the imagination to bring wild things to life, and inspiring so many of us in our lives.


Have You Heard?


With so much happening it’s easy to miss things along the way, so we’ll be letting you know about something we’re doing at the Co-op, or even something about that book or  that author – which makes the Have you Heard part of our blog is the place you can come to take a break and catch up on some things that you may or may not have heard already …


The National Year of Reading

2012 isn’t just the International Year of the Co-operatives, it’s the National Year of Reading (perhaps we should just call it the year of the Co-op Bookshop…).

We’ll be involved this year with local events, as well as the National Twitter Reading Group happening online.

The Reading Group has a different theme each month and anyone can get involved by reading by theme, and if you’re on Twitter you can join the conversation using the tag #NYR12. The monthly themes are:

  • January – The Amazing Read
  • February – Laugh
  • March – Think
  • April – Feel
  • May – Escape
  • June – Dream
  • July – Discover
  • August – Question
  • September – Grow
  • October – Explore
  • November – Cry
  • December -Love2Read

Each month we’ll be putting a list of “Recommended Reads” together to inspire your themed reading.