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Grumpy Cat Movie

If you haven’t heard of Grumpy Cat then you’re very unlikely to be reading this post.

It seems that the internet sensation that is Grumpy Cat now has a movie deal with a feel good straight to TV family comedy on the way.

Now I don’t want to influence your opinion, so here’s the trailer for you to watch >>

And, now that you’ve watched it we can talk about it.

I’ll be honest with you – when I watched the trailer the first thing I thought was “WOW that looks bad” and “What? Grumpy Cat is female?”

I don’t know why but I always imagined Grumpy Cat to be male. I expected quite a deep and droll voice – something like the monotone history teacher I had in year 7. That or maybe a slight Russian accent.

I didn’t expect Parks & Recreations Aubrey Plaza. Now I know she can deliver deadpan well, and she did the voice of Daria in a College Humor Originals episode, but she doesn’t deliver the voice how Daria Daria, actress Tracy Grandstaff, does.

So for me, while I do love a good trash Christmas movie (last Christmas I watched Christmas Bounty), I won’t be watching Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. In fact, I feel this should have been Grumpy Cat’s owners answer when pitched the proposal –


I’m going to stick to one of the books – Grumpy Cat or The Grumpy Guide to Life – so I can add my own Grumpy Cat voice (which would be me putting on a male voice) to make words to make Grumpy Cat come alive…

I’d also love to know what you think about the trailer in the comments below!


Upcoming TV Shows Based on Books

Next season’s range of new TV shows has been named. Soon to debut on US television (and then trickle down to us Aussies), there’s an amazing range of TV shows coming, and hopefully there’ll be something as perfectly written and gripping as Breaking Bad in there. But ’til then, here’s a list of upcoming shows that have been adapted from books and comics that we’ll be keeping an eye on.

Selfie – Pygmalion

Karen Gillan is Eliza Dooley, a fame obsessed young lady who becomes the sudden star of a humiliating viral video. She employs Henry Higgs (John Cho), marketing genius to save her tarnished reputation and turn her into a lady. Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, (which was then turned into My Fair Lady), #selfie culture and social media are getting a grilling in what looks like a funny and smart show!

Constantine – Hellblazer Comics

Based on the Hellblazer comics, Constantine Hellblazer (Matt Ryan) is a supernatural demon fighter and exorcist who, despite trying to retire from his madcap life, is drawn back into the fray to prevent a supernatural threat from destroying humanity. If the trailer is anything to go by, it looks like it will have the right mix of action, humour and gross out moments while spring boarding off the wealth of mythos from the Hellblazer Comics.

Agent Carter – Captain America

Set right after the events of the first Captain America film, Agent Peggy Carter (Haylee Atwell) joins the SSR and must balance secret missions for Howard Stark with her government job, and the heartbreak of losing her love, Steve Rogers. Currently, this show is still up in the air as to whether it will go ahead. But if it does, hopefully it will live up to its premise as well as the film-style of the Captain America/Avengers films. (Image from most-to-least-anticipated-comic-book-tv-series-agent-carter-tv-series-artwork

The Flash – The Flash Comics

The Flash is a spinoff of the CW’s Arrow series and follows Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a young and awkward scientist who get’s hit by an explosion caused by a particle accelerator. When he wakes from his coma he has superhuman speed and dedicates his life to fighting crime, while trying to solve the mysteries of his past. Similar to Arrow (giving us Oliver Queen/Green Arrow’s past), The Flash will see Barry grow from awkward kid to superhero. It certainly looks good from the trailer.

Gotham – Batman

Like The Flash, Gotham follows the young, newly orphaned Bruce Wayne and police detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as they solve crime and fight villains in Gotham. Way before Bruce grew up and put on the mask, this prequel looks incredible. Brb, fangirling.

iZombie – iZombie Graphic Novels

Liv (Rose McIvor) had a totally normal life before she became a zombie. Now she tries to hide her condition and blend in with other normal people. Once a month when she eats a brain (sorry, there really is no un-blunt way to say that) she suddenly gets the memories and thoughts of the person she’s eaten. This leads Liv to her true calling – solving unsolved murders and crimes based on the newly acquired memories. It’s a very out there premise for a show but it’s based on the successful iZombie graphic novels published by DC Comic’s Vertigo press. (image from the CW official iZombie website) izo-end-card


The First Jobs of the World’s Most Successful

Everyone has to start somewhere in life. For some, it’s at the top of the pile, for others it’s at the very bottom of the heap. But, no matter where you start, one thing is for certain, it doesn’t matter where the beginning is, just so long as you get going! Some of the world’s most successful people began in jobs that are far from glamorous. So, never let anybody tell you that flipping burgers, wiping tables, washing cars or that other “menial” job will amount to nothing. Because it’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it, what you learn from it, and what you do with those lessons as you take the next step in your life. Check out the first jobs of some of the world’s most successful.

 President Barack Obama scooped ice-cream at Baskin Robbins.

 Stephen King, the master of horror, started out pumping petrol. I wonder how many of the spine-chilling plotlines
were thought up while filling people’s tanks …


 Oprah Winfrey was a check-out chick.


 Richard Branson was an amateur bird breeder and arborist
(he was just 11!)

Donald Trump  and his brother collected old cans and bottles and exchanged them for money.

 Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into the multi-billion dollar franchise that is today,
started out at his uncle’s soda fountain.



Steve Jobs was in high school when he was hired as a summer casual at Hewlett Packard.
It was there that he met Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.




5 Hoaxes That Fooled the World

From aliens to dog brothels, missing kids and spaghetti trees, there have been some outrageous hoaxes throughout history, and here are five of the best! You won’t believe the lengths some people have gone to pull of their prank and trick the world!




NY Times’ coverage of the hoax

The Story:

On October 30, 1938, a radio bulletin announced that aliens had invaded. The first two-thirds of the broadcast comprised of a series of news bulletins. Widespread panic ensued.

The Reality:

It was a radio drama, directed and narrated by Orson Welles. The episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells’s novel The War of the Worlds. While a disclaimer was read out at the beginning of the broadcast, many people tuned in too late to hear it.



The Story:

On April 1, 1957, BBC’s Panorama, a popular current affairs show, ran a story about a Swiss family harvesting spaghetti from the family’s spaghetti tree. The BBC was inundated with calls after the show aired, with Brits desperate to know how they could grow their very own spaghetti trees.

The Reality:

This was an elaborate April Fools’ Day gag staged by the BBC. At that time, pasta was a relatively unknown food item in the UK, meaning the broadcaster were able to easily trick many viewers into believing the foodstuff grew from the ground. There were so many calls of interest after the show that the BBC were forced to let the cat out of the bag and tell the nation they’d been fooled.


The happy family during the “spaghetti tree” harvest



The Story:


The now infamous balloon

In October 2009, a 6-year-old boy named Falcon was reported by his parents to have drifted away inside a helium balloon. According to the media, the boy was travelling at up to 7,000 feet in the homemade balloon (which was built to look like a silver flying saucer).  After more than an hour in the air, the balloon landed more than 80km away, right by Denver International Airport. The area was shut down and authorities swooped. However, when they reached the balloon, the boy was not inside. A search of the surrounding area commenced and fears grew, particularly when someone reported seeing an object fall from the balloon during its flight …

The Reality: 

The event turned out to be a hoax, staged by the boy’s parents who were hoping to land a reality TV show. The boy was found safe and well later that afternoon hiding in his parent’s home, the place he had reportedly been all afternoon. Both parents were charged and sentenced to short stints in jail. They were also ordered to pay $36,000 in restitution.



The Story:

1976, New York – an advertisement was placed in a New York newspaper for a “Cat House for Dogs”; in other words, a dog brothel. Readers could bring their dogs along to enjoy the likes of Fifi, the French Poodle, and Lady, the Tramp. Calls flooded in, both from interested customers and new media desperate to talk to New York’s first dog pimp. The man behind the ad even hosted a special “night at the canine bordello”. Animal Affairs groups were outraged and an investigation was launched. ABC News devoted an entire story to the situation, and subsequently won an Emmy for it.

The Reality:
This was the work of one of America’s biggest pranksters, Joey Skaggs. He only revealed the truth about his prank after he was subpoenaed. The special “night at the canine bordello” he hosted was actually a staged event, complete with actors and hired dogs. ABC News’ Emmy Award was disqualified (although some still maintain that the dog brothel was a real thing and Skaggs was just trying to cover his back). Read more details on Joey Skaggs’ elaborate hoax here.


The “ad” in New York’s Village Voice




 The Story:

Dr Robert Wilson snapped this photograph of the Loch Ness Monster in 1934. It was the first known picture of Lochy, although the legend had existed for many years before that. It appeared in the Daily Mail and gained worldwide attention. Wilson refused to have his name associated with the pic, and it soon became known as  the “Surgeon’s Photograph” (even though he was a gynaecologist –  but I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it).

The Reality:

In 1975, it was revealed that the famous photo was a fake. Christian Spurling had built the “monster” out of plasticine and a toy submarine. Spurling was the son-in-law of Marmaduke Wetherell, a big game hunter who had been publicly ridiculed in the Daily Mail. It was claimed that Wetherell committed the hoax to get revenge on the paper, and roped in Spurling and a few other accomplices, including Robert Kenneth Wilson.





10 Weird and Wacky Sporting Facts

UNIGAMES 2014 are coming (28 Sep-3 Oct; look out for the Co-op crew!). To get your head and heart into the sporting spirit, we’ve put together theses 10 weird, wacky and wonderful sporting facts. Impress your friends with your newfound knowledge!  


1. Kite flying is a professional sport in Thailand. Huh, who knew?



2. Golf is the only sport to have been played on the moon. It was 1971, and astronaut Alan Shepard managed to play two shots in his super-heavy and clunky spacesuit.




3. Baseball legend Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his hat to keep cool.




4. Ever wondered why the Olympic Rings are the colours they are? Well, it’s pretty simple really. Yellow, green, red, black, and blue were selected because at least one of those five colours appears in every flag in the world.


it all makes sense


 5. To protect venues from militants and wild animals during the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, Indian authorities deployed sniper units,  surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft guns and a gang of expertly-trained Langur monkeys. Yeah, you read that right – monkeys.


 6. Swimming legend Dawn Fraser, was given a 10-year suspension in 1964 after drunkenly swimming a moat to steal an Olympic flag from outside Emperor Hirohito’s palace in Kōkyo. No wonder she was named Australian of the Year.



7. Ethiopia’s Abebe Bikila won the 1960 Rome marathon barefoot because no pair of running shoes from official manufacturers ADIDAS could be found which would comfortably fit his feet.



8. While playing for Napoli in Italy, football legend Diego Maradona used a plastic piece of … ahem … manhood filled with clean urine to pass his drug tests.  The fake apparatus was stolen from a Buenos Aires museum in 2003.



9. The Ancient Greeks awarded celery to winners of sports events.



10. Table tennis balls have been known to travel off a paddle at speeds up to 160 km/hr.














Fun Games for Uni Students

UNIGAMES 2014 is coming, and the C0-op is sponsoring the annual event! Get ready for one amazing week of sport, competition, partying prowess and fun in the sun (and moonlight!). While the event will see Australia’s best student athletes come together and battle it out for glory, not everyone has the desire (or ability!) to seriously compete at the games. But don’t worry! Cheering, jeering and partying is just as important. So, to honour the upcoming week of amazingness and to get all the not-so-active supporters pumped for competition, here are five fabulous games for uni students to enjoy! The only skill required: a willingness to have fun!

1. Cards Against Humanity

This outrageous party game generates laughs and dismay in equal measure. It is, quite simply, a game for despicable people with a warped and twisted sense of humour. (Yay, that’s me!)

The way it works is this: there’s a set of black cards and a set of white cards. Every round, one player reads out a question (or statement with blanked out words) from a black card. Then, everyone else provides their answer using their funniest white card. Sounds harmless enough, right? Well, wait until you see what’s on the cards and then you’ll understand why this game is so shocking! You can print your own Cards Against Humanity deck here.

Here’s are just two fine examples from the game (and these, my friends, are tame!) …

Exhibit B

Exhibit A

2. Twister

An oldie but a goodie, and definitely one that can made to suit your mood and party mode. There’s classic play for those keen to show off their flexibility; the Twister drinking game; or the Squares of Dares version in which every square (well, circle actually) has a different dare or task on it. The way it works is this: write an action on each circle on the mat. Then, if a player lands on that circle, they must do what it says. So, if a player lands on a yellow square, it might mean they have to sing the whole national anthem while spinning around in circles (or whatever is written on it!) The more creative, the better! Oh, and don’t forget Detergent Twister (basically chuck a heap of detergent on the mat and let the slippery fun begin!).

Twister – $35.96 at the Co-op


3. Guess That …

Blindfold? Check! Random array of objects? Check! People? Check! It sounds like you’re ready for a good ol’ fashion game of Guess That …

Let’s be honest – guessing games are always fun, no matter how old you are! And the best part is, you can make the game as naughty or as nice as you want. Simply blindfold guests and have them identify what they are holding, tasting or smelling (the mind boggles with the possibilities!). Alcohol tasting, perhaps? Unique (translation: weird) food tasting, maybe? You could even make them keep eating it until they guess! The possibilities are endless!


4. Beer Pong


The ultimate test of hand-eye coordination … and beer drinking. An American institution that seems almost a prerequisite during college years for the Yanks. In recent years, this game has really picked up momentum and gained popularity in Australia, allowing us to finally live out those scenes from classic college movies.

Honey Badger Beer Pong Kit , Honey Badger Beer Pong

Honey Badger Beer Pong – $11.95 at the Co-op

Traditional beer pong set up













5. Absolute Balderdash

Absolute Balderdash – $44.06 at the Co-op

Finally, a game that rewards people for being excellent liars! Not a liar? That’s ok. It rewards bullsh*t detectors as well! Outrageously funny, this is the ultimate game of bluff that has you trying to con your mates into believing your made-up meanings for words. You also have to pick the real meaning from the fakes. There are five categories in all: words, people, initials, films and laws. Can you pick which is the real meaning (all while trying to keep a straight face when yours is read out)?






UNIGAMES 2014 is being held in Sydney from Sunday, 28 September to Friday, 3 October. Look out for the Co-op crew throughout the week – we’ll be the ones screaming about awesome prizes, freebies and more!


New Store Opening at UQ’s Oral Health Centre

Peter Knock, Chief Executive Officer

Peter Knock, Chief Executive Officer

A message from the Co-op’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Knock.

As I look at the Co-op’s broad membership base, I’m so pleased to see that around half of Australia’s medical, dental and oral healthcare professionals and students are Members with us. This is particularly pertinent right now, as the Co-op is set to open another retail store with a medical focus, this time at the University of Queensland‘s Oral Health Centre (OHC) in Herston.

The OHC is UQ’s main campus for clinical health teaching and research, and we’re thrilled to be able to establish ourselves there and meet the needs of our customers within such a unique environment. The centre combines UQ’s School of Dentistry with sectors of Queensland Health’s Oral Health Services, and is Australia’s largest and most advanced specialist oral health centre and tertiary oral health facility.

A new store at UQ Herston means the Co-op can further honour its commitments of supporting students and Members, this time catering to the needs of top-tier medical, dentistry and oral health students, renowned academics and researchers, and leading practitioners. The Co-op is dedicated to supporting students throughout their studies by providing all the learning materials and resources they need at university. This service and support continues long after uni finishes too, with Members able to access professional development materials and other general merchandise in-store, via or through Coinfo.

As well as growing the Co-op’s retail footprint (there are now 55 stores), the new UQ Herston store will allow the business to give back even more. Because, like all Co-op stores, the profits made at the UQ Herston store will go directly back to Members in the form of discounts, student support, scholarships and sponsorships.And that’s the best and most motivating part of our business – helping customers understand that a part of every dollar they spend at the Co-op will support the professional development of all members and students across Australia.

The new UQ OHC store is set to open in early September.










I own Park Lane! A history of Monopoly

Ah, Monopoly. The game of rampant capitalism and oddly priced railway stations. It’s definitely an easy way to find out who your true friends are; simply put them through a round of Monopoly and you’ll get a glimpse into their soul.

Monopoly is a massively popular board game and, like the Madonna of the toy world, reinvents itself every few months with pop culture editions, cities, credit cards – you name it!

However, you may be surprised to find out that the first Monopoly game was not about capitalism and amassing wealth, nor was it made in the 1930s to cheer up those living in the Great Depression by providing delusions of grandeur for $4. It was first developed by a young entrepreneur, Elizabeth Magie, who developed, revised and reinvented the game between late 1800s and 1910, to show the issues and consequences linked to land-grabbing, which was a major issue in the sociopolitical landscape of the late 1800s.

Magie smartly got a patent on The Landlord’s Game as she called it and set about continuing to refine the game to better explain the political economy and Henry George’s Single Tax Theory (the idea that a tax on land would become the single stream of government revenue and replace all other taxes). Then, of course it was popularized by Parker Brothers and Charles Darrow, who definitely capitalised on the game’s success. With a slick coat of paint and new design, The Landlord’s Game was presented to the Great Depression as Monopoly!!

However, in the 1930s Monopoly did not have a smooth take off, it was initially rejected by Parker Brothers for being too complicated and too long to play. However, after many revisions, Charles Darrow struck proverbial gold and became a millionaire, the first person to make millions from a board game. However, this came at the great cost to Lizzie Magie, whose game was bought out for $500 with no future royalties. But she stood up for her cause and in an interview said she was ok with only getting $500 so long as the Single Tax theory was spread across America.

So, while you’re buying up the town and charging your mates extortion fees to land on your street, remember the humble beginnings of Monopoly and it’s main goal to teach the pitfalls of rampant capitalism! Available in-store and online we have some fab pop culture editions to challenge your friends and family to a round of!

You can also check out some more amazing, world changing inventions by women on this Buzzfeed list!

Monopoly – Marvel Comics Edition

Get in touch with your inner hero with the new Marvel Comic Books Monopoly. Some of the awesome stuff you’ll find inside includes tokens such as Magneto’s helmet and Captain America’s shield and iconic comic books covers for each of the 22 property spaces.



Monopoly – The Walking Dead Edition

The Walking Dead Monopoly delivers classic Monopoly wheeling and dealing game play. Players vie for, and then must fortify, the prime real estate and resources that will sustain their lives. There’s only one victor that will outlast the others. This completely customized game features six collectible tokens, optional speed play, and a fight to the finish! The Walking Dead Monopoly – everything you know and loved about Monopoly, but with 100% more zombies!

Monopoly – Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition

Celebrate 50 years of the world’s favourite time lord with this very special edition of monopoly! Featuring all eleven doctors, the best loved companions and, of course, the monsters and badies from across space and time.


Monopoly – Perth Edition

West Coast Aussies rejoice you can now play your favourite board game, Monopoly, with a local spin – thanks to Monopoly’s Perth Edition! In this fun Australian edition the streets and landmarks of Perth can be bought, sold and traded amongst your friends!

Monopoly – Sydney Edition

In this fun, Australian edition Sydney Harbour takes prime position in place of Mayfair, with Taronga Zoo, The University of Sydney and some very famous beaches not far behind! With Monopoly’s Sydney Edition, even the most expensive Sydney properties can become yours,without worrying about RBA interest rate hikes!

Monopoly – Millionaire

First to a million wins! This Monopoly Millionaire game is all about making a million dollars, fast! Race around the board making a fortune, and live like a millionaire as you go. Diamonds! Luxury limos! Movie premieres! They’re just part of everyday life in the Monopoly Millionaire game.


Monopoly – Original Edition Board Game

Love to splash the cash? Then indulge in a property shopping spree with the classic version of Monopoly! Buy streets, houses and hotels and become a respected real-estate mogul, while negotiating and haggling your way to the top.





Share your story to WIN with Comobile


What’s the worst situation you’ve ever been locked into? Was it when you were stuck in that share house contract with the weird dude who made towns out of his toenails? Or maybe it was when you had to work that job involving baboon poo, a broom and a unicycle. It might just have been that horrifically long mobile contract that sucked more out of you than the most famished of vampires. Whatever it is, Comobile want to know about it!

Share your story on Comobile’s Facebook,  Twitter or Instagram (@comobilechat), add the hashtag #notlockedin and you could WIN a heap of sweet-as prizes with their Not Locked In competition. There’s more than $8,000 worth of prizes in total to give away! So, share your awesome (or NOT-LOCKED-IN_290x290awful) tale today and get amongst it! You never know – that crappy situation might just have a very happy ending.


$2,500 of fees and textbooks for a semester for you and a mate


Samsung Galaxy 3G tab
Antler luggage pack
180-day MAXI Comobile plans
Jawbone activity tracker
Plox universal chargers
Dakine backpacks
Audio-technica headphones
iPhone and iPad cases


Check out the competition deets here –

Commonwealth Games, Starring Your Peers!

July 2014. For many, it is the time to put down the beer jugs (just for a moment), have a shower and head back to uni refreshed and ready for Semester Two. But for a handful of students (and alumni too), this is the moment they’ve been awaiting for months and preparing for for years. They’re the students who have been performing the ultimate juggling act; balancing a university workload with a strict, intense training regime. For along with being uni students (think tutes, lectures, exams, assessments!), they are elite athletes who are right now representing Australia at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

To all these dedicated individuals, we salute you! A huge congratulations to all of you who have already competed and done Australia proud (some of whom have ended up on the podium with a medal around their neck!), and good luck to all those yet to compete.

Students and alumni in the Aussie squad come from universities across the country, including the University of Western Australia; Sydney University; Macquarie University; University of Queensland; Victoria University; University of Western Sydney; Melbourne University; University of Canberra; Australian National University; Griffith University; University of Tasmania; La Trobe University; Curtin University; University of Notre Dame; University of South Australia. Sorry we couldn’t name you all, guys. There are just too many talented athletes coming out of Aussie universities!


Ben Treffers of ANU, who won gold in the 50m backstroke (Image credit: Ben Treffers/ANU Sport)

Miao Miao-620x349

Miao Miao of Victoria University took home bronze in table tennis doubles. (Image credit: Getty Images)