Heaven Can Wait

I bought Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor during the October Sale and it’s been sitting at the bottom of my desk draw ever since. I only took it out once the book I was reading fell short of expectations and couldn’t bare to read it any further. Im so glad I did though!!

This book could easily be made into a movie. Lucy Brown on the eve of her wedding has a tragic accident. She dies. She goes to limbo where she meets “Bob” who shows her 2 escalators. 1 goes straight to Heaven… one goes back to Earth. If she chooses the latter, she is given a task in order to become a ghost and haunt someone or something until they die (don’t worry, it’s not another paranormal book).

In her extended time on earth she has to live by “limbo” rules where she is not allowed to communicate with anyone from her former life… if she does she becomes mute. If she writes something it comes out in a language they dont understand.

Her new flatmates of the undead all have thier own tasks and 21 days to complete them and get the choice of going to Heaven or remaining to haunt something they loved in life. At first it takes awhile to re-adjust and to all get along, but in the end when she has to say goodbye to each one of them it tugs at the heartstrings a little… but in a good way.

I loved loved loved this book. I would totally recommend this book for anyone needing a good laugh, a good cry or just want something fun and easy to read. Finished it in about 4 lunchtimes.

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