This novel called Heist  (not The Heist by Janet Evanovich which is reviewed here) is written by debut Aussie author Robert Schofield.

Set in the gold mining areas of Western Australia Heist, is (not surprisingly from the name) about a heist of gold bullion from a skeleton staffed mine and the fallout from the steal.

Gareth Ford a man who doesn’t have a lot to lose – a flawed man, he drinks, he smokes, he doesn’t really give a shit about anything other than his daughter who his estranged wife has custody of.

Ford has the luck to be one of the miners on duty that day and finds himself loaded into the van with the bullion at gunpoint… he then finds himself caught in the crossfire, wanted by his employer, the robbers, bikers from not just one but two outlaw motorcycle clubs, and the police.

Add some great characters, shoot-outs, a road-trip and roll it together with a coating of die hard yippee ki yay attitude and you have a Australian set non-formulaic crime read that has you backing the unlovable underdog, but most of all it will keep you entertained.

Heist by Robert Schofield was released July 2013.

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