How to get a job

So you need to find a job? Whether you’re looking for your first job, moving up or returning to work, we have some good tips and tricks to help you in the quest of gaining employment.

Firstly, the best thing to do is to decide on a job or industry you are skilled for and passionate about. Then start looking, followed by a spit and polish of your resume and some old fashioned knocking on doors to find a job.

Here are a few of our best tips for getting a job:

  • Select a job opening that you are qualified for and outlines qualities/experience you know you have.
  • Update your resume to better reflect your skills and the job you’re applying for.
  • Be prepared to send out a hundred applications. Send your resume high and low and see what responses you get in your job search.
  • Prepare for the interview, making sure you know what your answer will be for those tricky questions and practice with a friend so your presentation will smooth.
  • See what your uni is offering at their careers centre, often you can find some good part time jobs, on or off-campus, that are flexible around your study time if they are advertised on campus job boards.
  • Get work experience by interning at a company or volunteering at events.
  • Cold calling for unadvertised jobs can be daunting but can also pay off if you can make the right connections and impression. Many jobs are not advertised, but make sure you do company and industry research first!
  • Make good use of your business network contacts and see if anyone is able to help you out.
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If all else fails, invent your own job and become an entrepreneur!

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