How to have a social life AND get the grades you want

You may have full intention to study hard and party harder, but sadly if you don’t manage your time well, the glitter and laughter will fade and it can leave you with lasting, negative impacts on your academic record.

But, not to kill the party, it is possible to have a great social life and still get good grades!

  • Like high school, the trick is to getting your homework done first before you chill. If you have a party at 7:30pm, uni readings and reports should be finished and/or in progress by 6:30pm.
  • Use the hours in the day to get work done –  if you have a lengthy break between classes during the day, don’t leave all your uni work to midnight.
  • Also, use these times to catch up with friends. A bite to eat, a coffee between lectures or time to study together gives the opportunity to have a gossip and still get work done.
  • If you commute to work or uni, use the uninterrupted train time to get weekly readings done.
  • Get a calendar and mark every test, assignment and reading that’s due in for study so you don’t forget anything and face academic consideration forms! Apparently ‘hangover from hell’ is not a valid medical issue. Go figure.
  • Finally, even though staying up ’til dawn is awesome, never underestimate the power of good sleep. Take a night or two off to get some shut eye, especially around exam times.
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