How to live cheaply: 5 tips for Uni student living!

It’s hard being a uni student; it can be a real financial struggle. We have to save as much as we can not only to survive each week, but so we have enough money to buy textbooks and have fun on the weekend!

Here are some tips on how to eat, drink and be merry cheaply.

1. Go to all the uni events

Lots of uni’s have events with free food like BBQs or sausage sizzles. Check out your uni event calendar and see when it’s on at your uni – free food is good food!

2. Eat Ramen!

Ramen is yummy, easy, and cheap! If you mix it with veggies and cheese it can be healthy as well.

2. Carpool to uni

This is an oldie, but such a goody. Petrol and public transport can be very expensive these days, so find friends that live near you and compare your timetables to see when you can share a ride! You’ll save money AND enjoy some friendly gossip on the way to uni.

4. Take your student card everywhere

Student cards can be really handy when it comes to going to the movies or student-subsidized clubs, as well as public transport

5. Sign up to the Co-op

Last but not least! Signing up to the Co-op will not only let you save today; you’ll save for life! Get huge discounts on everything from your much-needed textbooks, to clothing, games, fiction, beauty, bags, stationery and much more.

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