How to nail a job interview

Trying to land the dream job? It’s not that hard to really shine in a job interview and we have a few tips to help you along…

–          Have a good resume. Clearly the resume was good enough to grant you an interview, so make sure you know it inside out, can talk confidently about your previous jobs and education, and back up your skills with concrete examples.

–          First impressions really do count. Big smile, firm handshake and don’t stumble over your opening line. You can do it.

–          Dress nicely. It doesn’t have to be a super sharp suit, but a (clean, and for bonus points, ironed) shirt, tidy pants or skirt, and polished shoes. People notice scuffed, sloppy shoes and stained clothing faster than Sherlock Holmes can see tobacco ash from across a room.

–          Read up on current affairs. It’s good to see that you’re not living under a rock and current events are a good icebreaker in job interviews.

–          Research the company.  The website, media mentions and social media should be good starting points. Follow them on Facebook (if they have it) to keep up to date with the latest news.

–          Know the job you’re applying for. Like the company, it is best to understand exactly what job you’re applying for. In the interview, ask about the role and typical daily tasks, as often jobs sound very different on paper to what you will do in your 8-hour day.

–          Be yourself.  You do no favours to yourself or employer by trying to hide your bubbly personality just to fit the job. Likewise, don’t lie about past jobs or skills and listen carefully to everything your interviewer says and asks.

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–          Write a thank you letter. A handwritten note or a polite email thanking your interviewer for their time in meeting with you is a must. Likewise, if you get a call saying you haven’t got the job, don’t be shy or sad. Instead, use the opportunity to ask the interviewer why you were not chosen – it can be the golden moment to know what to work on next time. If it’s a skill or body language, it can make a major difference to your success next interview.

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