The Hundred Foot Journey

The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. MoraisThe Hundred Foot Journey is a new book to film adaptation out this month. The book, The Hundred Foot Journey, written by Richard C. Morais is a bestseller, so you know that’s a good start for an adaptation.

Not having read the book, and not being a foodie (at all) I was indifferent to seeing the movie, but when a friend offers you a free ticket and you don’t have any other plans it’s hard to say no. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised by the movie and enjoyed it.

Helen Mirren is always amazing to watch, and her portrayal of Madame Mallory, the Michelin Star-restaurant owner, is no exception. Om Puri ‘Papa’ is as endearing as he is embarrassing,  and Manish Dayal brings alive the romance of cooking, and romance in general, as chef Hassan. With a great supporting cast in the mix, the recipe for success was bound to succeed (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

So what’s it about? An Indian family flee India after a family tragedy only to find themselves in a slightly dodgy van looking for the place to call home in Europe. After a mechanical mishap they end up in a French town that’s home to a Michelin starred French restaurant … and a long-abandoned building opposite it that’s just perfect for an Indian restaurant  – one hundred feet opposite to be precise. What follows is a journey bigger than the title as the town adapts to the new residents and the Puri family adapt to French life. Throw in a bit of a personal ‘rags to riches’ journey, a slightly dysfunctional family and some romance and you have a feel-good movie experience.

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Looking at it as an adaptation, you can tell that certain parts of the book that give a deeper understanding of characters and events had to be dropped for the sake of the film’s length. And if I were a foodie, I would probably go ahead and read the book to find out more.

So in summary – would I recommend going to see this film? Yes, especially if you love your food, or are taking your mum. I also think that the book could make a good gift for someone who isn’t much of a reader, but enjoys a good story about relationships, loves food, or has a love for either the French or Indian culture.

To help you make up your own mind about whether you’ll see the film or not take a look at the trailer here:



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