I hate Christmas shopping!!!

Buying Christmas presents for my friends and family is a yearly struggle for me, and it’s far better to do it earlier rather than later, as I was reminded last year when my commitments at work forced me to do my Chrissie shopping last-minute. Figuring out what to get everyone is an even bigger struggle, so here’s my guide for what to get everyone, from the Fitness Freak, to the Sci-Fi Fan, the Beauty Buff, and the Creative Cook.


For the Fitness Freak

Working out has become very fancy over the past few years, and these days everyone seems to be monitoring everything from their daily steps, to their heart rate and quality of sleep. Luckily, this means that every fittie needs their tech. Cue the perfect prezzie opportunity!

If they’re an avid bike rider:

Help them ride in style, with funky helmets by Nutcase. They come in crazy cool colours and prints, including (personal faves) Flyboy, Urban Caution, and Watermelon. Other cute bike accessories can be found here.

If they’re a general fittie:

Opt for the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP to track activity and sleep, including calories burned, steps taken, kilometres travelled. Either is a great fitness buddy, though I personally find the Jawbone UP to be a little more stylish!


For the Sci-fi/Science Fan

A Game of Thrones is HUGE right now, so the book set is a perfect gift for a newbie, as well as a whole range of other themed gifts and gadgets from Doctor Who to The Big Bang Theory and others.


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For the Beauty Buff

The Co-op has a fabulous and extensive range of beauty products, from brands like Burt’s Bees, MOR Cosmetics, Karen Murrell, butter LONDON and Perfect Potion. My mum and sister are also big fans (especially of butter LONDON), so they’re definitely going to find some of the following under the tree this year!


For the Creative Cook

Cookbooks have a come a long way, and here are a few that dad will love!

For the baker, hopefully they’ll share their delicious creations!

And for the vegos…

If you really don’t want to head in-store, you can buy everything for everyone online in 10 minutes flat with delivery across Australia – too easy! Plus, check out our online Gift Guide – you’re guaranteed to find what you want for the person who has everything.

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