I have a problem with one of my tutors…

Not everyone gets along – that’s life. However, clashing personalities with your uni tutor or lecturer does make life hard. You have to see these academic staff at least once a week, plus they are in charge of your learning, so it is obvious that the air must be clear.

I have a problem with my tutor

If it is you that does not agree with the academic staff, list reasons why you have a problem with them. Pick the reason that is the most problematic and simply ask yourself: how could the tutor change this? For example, if your lecturer has a monotone voice that makes class extremely boring, the solution is for them to add enthusiasm to their presentation and be more engaging. When confronting your tutor about this, try to include a positive comment. For example, after your next lecture, you could approach them and say something like:

“Hello (name), when you explained (insert content) I found it really interesting because you were really engaging. I find that when you explain things passionately I understand the content more.” Not only have you stated the problem but you have complimented the lecturer too – now you are in their good books!

My tutor has a problem with me

Try a subtle approach first by making an effort in and outside of class. This means volunteer, ask questions, help with duties etc. If you still feel tension, perhaps simply ask:

“Excuse me (name), I feel like I might have done something to upset you, how can I make this better?” That way, the attention is brought to their behaviour and they will either let you know what is wrong or change their attitude.

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Uni can be stressful enough, so make sure that if you ever feel uncomfortable, talk to someone about it. Or you could always buy yourself a treat from the Co-op!

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