I’m failing my subjects – what are my options?

The first thing to do is: don’t panic! Instead of worrying, be productive and simply ask “why”. Why am I failing my subjects? “I am failing my units/a unit because…..”

“I fell behind” We can all be really busy at times, and uni lectures are sometimes missed. To get back on track (so that you don’t completely fail your unit), allocate one weekend to give complete focus to catching up. Set up a study station at your desk and review the lectures while making notes. Test yourself to make sure you’re being productive and these questions/answers will become a great study guide when exams come around

 “They are too hard/I don’t understand” This happens all the time, but if you don’t get on top of things, unfortunately it won’t be fixed by itself. Firstly, attempt to study over one weekend (as soon as possible) and write down questions for the parts you do not understand. Even if it’s the majority of the unit that you do not understand, at least this gives you topics you can discuss with the help you will seek. The first person to seek help from is your tutor or lecturer and explain how you’re finding this unit to be difficult. They should offer their help or point you in the direction of someone that will, so you can have one-on-one time to learn the content. Another approach could be to study with a peer that is doing really well and doesn’t mind explaining the content to you.

“I’m not enjoying the unit” If you are failing a class because you simply don’t like it, then there is a bigger issue than just catching up. If it’s the whole course you do not like, start deciding if this is the right career path for you. There are plenty of other fields at uni, so discuss the problem with your family, friends and uni support to decide if you want to continue with this subject or go another way. If it is just one unit, seek advice from your uni careers advisor/guidance counsellor if there is an alternative unit.

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The important thing is to avoid panicking as there is always support for you!

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