Indigenous Literacy Day

130800Indigenous-Literacy-GWe love books and reading here at the Co-op, and are thrilled to once again be participating in Indigenous Literacy Day, this Wednesday 4 September.

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation aims to alleviate the literacy disadvantage experienced in Australia between indigenous and non-indigenous citizens. The involvement of schools, publishers, booksellers and the public raises money and awareness to provide access to books and literacy resources in over 200 remote indigenous communities across Australia.

The Foundation uses a three-way approach to building literacy, and promotes:

  • Cultural literacy – connecting people, particularly young people, to their culture and traditional language
  • Practical literacy – developing the skills needed for daily activities
  • English literacy – promoting skills in English reading, writing, speaking and listening

We will have collection boxes out in all Co-op stores until 31 October, so please contribute some small change to make a real difference in bringing the joy of reading to Australia’s indigenous communities.


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