Is that supposed to be on fire…?

If you’ve never melted pasta into a pot or made milk explode, congratulations – you’re already a better cook than I am (or used to be!). If you’re anything like me, aka a time-poor uni student who is way too lazy to actually follow a complicated, time-consuming recipe, then I think you’ll benefit from The Illustrated Student Cookbook by Keda Black.

Student Cookbook

So, because I thought it would be funny, and because this was the perfect excuse to make my oh-so-talented-just-not-in-the-kitchen sister cook, I got her to make probably the easiest meal in this book (if not ever). It was… (hold your breath)… ‘Interesting Grated Carrots’, a simple, nutritious and yummy salad idea that’s perf for taking to uni or work. It is a low-budget recipe that requires very little effort, and no actual cooking!

Here’s how it went. I’ll call it: Cleo’s Illustrated Cooking Adventure

Cleo's Illustrated Cooking Adventure

I don’t know if you can tell from that photo, but the girl has never cooked in her life. There are some super-embarrassing kitchen stories that I could tell you, but, well, I kind of want to make it to 21. Nonetheless, it was surprisingly tasty. I thought maybe being a student recipe, it would be a little boring, but the recipe’s name rings true: it was interesting (in a good way)!

The following all come from The Illustrated Student Cookbook, a wonderfully mocking addition to your cookbook collection, or a start to one!

  • ‘Easy Hummus’: Ummm, who doesn’t like hummus??? I don’t know anyone, do you? This recipe is so simple that you’ll never want to buy ready-made again, plus, you can impress your friends with your mad cooking skills.
  • ‘Green Fish Curry’: I personally substitute chicken for fish, and that’s the great thing about a lot of these recipes, you can switch up some of the ingredients and it’ll still turn out great!
  • My personal fave – it’s not technically a meal but it is tasty! The ‘Middle Eastern’: I’m going to do a video on this one because it’s such a yum drink, plus I feel like it could easily be mixed with liquor… so check out the vid for this recipe!
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