It Starts With Passion … How to love what you do and do what you love.

Why passion? My belief is that nothing great happens, until someone becomes passionate about something. Think about everything you have ever achieved in your life, you more than likely passionate about it. The energy you have when you are pursing what matters, what is most important and what makes a difference in your life is incredible.

Yet for a host of different reasons we lose our passion along the way to earning a living, life gets in the way and there never seems to be enough time to focus on you. In my latest book I take the research of almost 3 decades and show you a simple 4 step process on how to rediscover your passion, pursue your passion and live passionately every day.

The feedback gain from assisting people around the world to create 12 million goals has given me some unique insights in why people don’t set goals, on why people who do set goals and don’t achieve them and how you can remain focused on the things that count in our fast paced ever changing world.

What if you had more certainty in your life, how would that make you feel? What we have discovered is if you want certainty, than you need clarity in 8 core areas of your life and with that clarify comes the wonderful by-product of greater confidence. What could you achieve with more confidence in your life? Would you become more consistent in the actions you take, in your daily attitude and the attributes you demonstrate to the people who mean the world to you?

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By following this 4 key parts of the book you create great certainty in your life …

MeaningfulCreating Certainty in Your Life

Everyone needs to find meaning in what they do and in the role they play in their life, their business, their career and their family. As individuals, we need to understand the connection that comes from the alignment of our purpose, passion and personal goals. You see …When your WHY becomes clear, the HOW becomes easy!

MilestonesGaining Clarity in Your Life

Dreams and desires are the foundation, however, it is the clarity that comes from a set of clearly defined milestones that truly transitions intentions into actions. What is measurable becomes maintainable. The clarity of each person’s milestones is the only way to measure one’s progress and impact.

It is the true goal alignment of your emotional reasons, mental mindset and physical action that creates an unbreakable personal connection. This connection is created by an easy to remember process …


MindsetEnhancing Confidence in Your Life

Rarely is it a person’s ability or capability that stops them from achieving their goals, dreams, desires and ambitions. It is their lack of confidence and belief in what’s possible for them, what they’re capable of achieving and if they are worthy of that level of success, this becomes the prison people build for themselves.

The journey for each of us is that we need to become the living example of a person who is certain, has clarity and believes in their ability to achieve the desired results, both personally and professionally.

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MomentumLiving Consistently in Your Life

Motivation is so ’80s. Life is not about how motivated you are, it is about how much momentum you have behind you. With momentum you can achieve the unthinkable and the impossible in your life. It is about making the transition from being consistently inconsistent to becoming consistently consistent. It is about making small incremental changes over a period of time. It is about an evolution of who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Who is Keith Abraham

Keith Abraham, has become the world’s premier thought leader on passionate performance and building passionate based cultures. CEO’s of Billion-Dollar companies turn to Keith for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out of their people and themselves.

As best-selling author of three other books and founder of the remarkable global movement the One Goal Global Challenge, he has become a source of inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people through his programs.

As founder of Passionate Performance INC. he has been dedicated to researching, training and working with people to help them find their passion, harness their passion and turn their passion into personal and professional capital. He has developed a client base of over 265 companies across 20 countries including industry leaders Toyota, Toshiba, Lexus, Westpac, Bupa, NAB and AIA. Find our more about Keith and his work on his website.

It Starts with Passion

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