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It’s official – we’ve joined forces with ME Bank to bring a range of convenient banking services to a campus near you!

With a selection of straightforward, easy-to-understand and transparent retail banking services and products, ME Bank will set up their “Workplace Banking” initiative at four trial universities around Australia – Vic, Qld, NSW and WA. Both uni students and staff will be able access the services of ME Bank, and if all goes swimmingly, we’ll look to expand to other campuses across Australia. The on-campus presence will provide greater access and convenience for day-to-day banking requirements to our valued Members (that’s you!).

The Co-op University of Melbourne and UQ St Luica will trial an ME Bank Kiosk at a chosen location on campus, complete with proper desk space and even a real life bank manager for all those tricky questions. These two spaces will also sport an interactive videophone and an ATM for your transactional needs! University of Sydney and Edith Cowan University in WA will have their very own ‘pop-up’ ME Bank branch, located within the campus Co-op store.

So there you have it – from books to banking we’ve found yet another way to make life better and more convenient for people like you!

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