It’s all about YOU!

Everything we do is all for you, our Members!

For over 55 years, we have been working as a not-for-profit co-operative to support university students across Australia. To date, we have contributed over $65 million in scholarships and sponsorships, and are giving back more and more with each passing year.

Our number one goal is to improve the student experience by supplying relevant, well-priced study tools, course materials and uni essentials, as well as provide extensive support with national campus events and local sponsorships. Additionally, all Membership fees and discounted postage fees go straight back to Members in the form of support programmes, low prices, and exclusive offers. These are just some of the ways our contributions make the entire student experience more enriching, enjoyable and affordable from start to finish.

From the bright eyed and bushy tailed beginnings of university, to the exhilarating hat-throwing festivities of graduation, we’re there to support you and help you achieve your dreams through scholarships, sponsorships, study essentials and amazing experiences.

But it doesn’t end after graduation.

Once the golden days of learning are over and you venture into the big wide world, we’re still there for you. How? With our huge range of discounted fiction and non-fiction books, as well as a myriad of mobile accessories, audio gear, beauty essentials and more. In fact, we stock everything you need and want for everyday life, and you don’t even have to go back to a campus to get it. Simply take advantage of our smooth online shopping experience with flat rate, discounted Australia-wide delivery.

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So don’t leave us behind – remember your Co-op memories, remember your card, and remember us. We’re here for you, for life!