It’s Au!

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I LOVE a good puzzle.

You say this to people and they tend to snicker and call you a nanna.

Have those same people over for a drink and watch them casually stroll to the puzzle on the table and try and get a piece in.

These people are the closet dorks – the people ashamed to let their inner geek / nerd / logician show.

I’ll also admit this isn’t my first educational puzzle.

I grew up in a house where learning in any form was encouraged, and when my mother realised how bad my Australian geography was, it was solved with a puzzle with a map of Australia with capital cities and major towns marked on it.  Now my Australian geography is set by the places I’ve actually been, and those I haven’t that were marked on that map.

Chemistry wasn’t my strongest subject at school (unless you call being good at chemical indicator fights counts), so when I saw the puzzle version of Theodore Grey’s book The Elements I realised it was my chance to learn the periodic table. Why? Why Not? You never know when that question about an element will come up at pub trivia…

Having bought the The Elements Puzzle it was only fitting (ha!) to do the puzzle with my mum, so on a recent visit home the puzzle was completed.

It was fun, it was educational and definitely something for ‘All Ages’.

Verdict: nothing to puzzle with this one – it’s Au.

130500 PeriodicTablePuzzle


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