Jen has a secret (well not really that secret) love of romance novels (yes, we do sell them) which anyone who has seen her phone can testify (“Is that really Fabio on your phone??”), and just because she loves the romance novel doesn’t mean she just loves whiskers on kittens, or brown paper packages tied up with string. No, Jen will read just about anything, and is a big fan of the YA (young adult genre).

This year the the PB is high having to beat the 75 of 2012 (this year she’s including kids illustrated books in the list) and she’s also taking part in the 2013 Australian Women Writers Challenge.

Favourite Book: The Bear Scouts by Stan & Jan Berenstain (and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen)

Jen is the Social Media Manager at the Co-op and a Co-op Member since 2007, and you can read her thoughts here.