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Recently I had to attend an important event in the family calendar – the 1st birthday of a niece. My other half and I had known about the party for over three months, the pink invite staring at us each time we reached for a drink from the fridge. The party was on a Saturday morning at 11am, and we had to leave early to ensure we made it to the house on time (they lived a few hours west in semi-rural suburbia). This meant there was no time for me to do what I do best when it comes to gift buying – the quick Saturday morning shop-and-wrap session. It was 3.30pm on the day before the party when my internal emergency alarm went off. Woop! Woop! Woop! WE DON’T HAVE A PRESENT! I’d always intended on getting one. But, you know, life kinda got in the way. And there was no way we could turn up to this party without a gift – the tsk tsks would be louder than the Wiggles soundtrack and crying kids combined.

Thankfully, my office is within dashing distance of a Co-op store, and I was able to run in and pick up a few cute pressies, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s Touch & Feel  and the oh so ah-mazing Chill Baby Goatee dummy (doesn’t matter if a baby girl is wearing a goatee, does it?). Crisis averted. Well, that one anyway. I won’t tell you what happened at the party – let’s just say it involved a tricycle, a cake and a whole lot of cleaning up. :/

So for all those people who, like me, leave everything to the last minute, I’ve done a little community service and put together a list of cool gifts you can grab on the go at the Co-op. There are 54 stores in total around uni campuses – just drop in between tutes or before beers at the bar.

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For the Fashionista

Shoe Obsession         The World According to Karl       Australian Fashion Unstitched: The Last 60 Years

Valerie Steele & Colleen Hill                    Jean-Christophe Napias                      English & Pomazan

Shoe Obsession , Valerie Steele & Colleen Hill           The World According to Karl , Jean-Christophe Napias                  Australian Fashion Unstitched The Last 60 Years , English & Pomazan

For Sunlovers
Unity Eyewear Black With Gold Smoke Lens cover Unity Eyewear Blue Silver T-Bar Smoke Gold Revo Lens cover

 Protect their peepers in style with Unity Eyewear Sunglasses

1) Black Cats Eye
2) Black Smoke Lens Unity Eyewear Black Cats Eye Smoke Grad Lens cover
3) Blue Silver T-Bar Gold Lens
4) Black with Gold


For the total Thronehead

Is your mate a huge fan of Game of Thrones? From collectable figurines to poster books, the Co-op has heaps for the hardcore Thronehead. Check out the full range here .

Game of Thrones - Ned Stark Pop! Vinyl Figure , Funko Game of Thrones - Dire Wolf Crypt Totem Bookends , Dark Horse ComicsGame of Thrones - Jon Snow Pop! Vinyl Figure , FunkoGame of Thrones - Targaryen Ceramic Stein (SDT27361) coverGame of Thrones - Renly Baratheon Pop! Vinyl Figure , FunkoGame of Thrones Poster Collection , Insight EditionsGame of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen (Wedding Gown) Pop! Vinyl , FunkoGame of Thrones - Stark Winter is Coming Black Male T-Shirt Size S , Ikon CollectablesGame of Thrones - White Walker Pop! Vinyl Figure , Funko

For the music guru

Give the gift of uninterrupted music-listening pleasure! The Co-op stocks the best Audiotechnica ear-gear around, designed Audio Techicato deliver crystal clear sound and thumping bass. There are heaps of styles to choose from, whether you need DJ quality headphones, in-ear buds, earware for running or something else together. Browse the massive range here!

Cool gifts for everyone

   1.  Tetris Light ,          2.   Mugtail - Cat , KINTO              3. Montego Bay Coconut Lime - Mini Candle , Glasshouse          

4. Red ADESSO Coffee Capsule Machine cover     5. Moustache Mug , Mr&Mrs Jones6. Twister Board Game cover  

1. Tetris Light 
2. Cat Tail Mug
3. Glasshouse Candle – Montego Bay Coconut Lime
4. Adesso Coffee Capsule Machine
5. Moustache Mug
6. Twister Board Game

7. Crossroads Backpack 32L - Hampton , Dakine 8. Eddy Finn Ukulele Mahogany Soprano 5S ,  9. Leonardo da Vinci Helicopter cover                                        

10. MOR Diamond Decadence Luxury Gift Set Marshmallow cover 11. Gentlemen's Hardware Shoe Shine Set cover12. Dracula Tote Bag , BabyLit

7. Dakine Crossroads 32L Backpack
8. Eddy Finn Soprano Ukulele in Mahogany 
9. Leonardo Da Vinci Helicopter Pathfinders
10. MOR Diamond Decadence Luxury Gift Set 
11. Gentlemen’s Hardware Shoe Shine Set
12. Dracula Tote Bag

For the fitness fanatic


Does your brother love cycling? Is your best friend mad for her workouts? Whatever they’re into, you’re sure to find something of interest in our range. There’s a massive selection of sports  books, as well as heaps of titles covering health, fitness and diet . Not book fans? That’s cool, there’s plenty of fitness accessories, such as Jawbone wristbands, boxing gloves, Swiss balls, balance boards and more.

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