Let’s talk about…sex, baby!

Well, safe ways to have sex, anyway. For many students, university is usually the first chance you’ll get to live independently away from your parents. Therefore, it is natural to want to do things you have never been able to do before, like drink alcohol! Unfortunately, drinking alcohol can sometimes lead to making irrational decisions. This includes bringing someone home, and, possibly ‘crossing the line’. What becomes important when this happens is to remain safe by using some form of contraception. This applies to anyone; whether you are with a long-term partner of if you are having a ‘one-night stand’.

Having unprotected sex can bring risks, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unplanned pregnancy. Deciding whether you want to parent a child together is a big life choice, but STIs are a big concern also. There are different kinds of STIs people can catch, and these include HIV/AIDS, Chlamydia, Herpes, Hepatitis B and more. To ensure you are not faced with these risks, here are some tips to improve your sexual health!

1. Communication is sexy!

The number one key to sexual health is communication! Talk to your partner when engaging in any type of sexual activity, so you are both comfortable with what’s happening.

2. Get tested!

For anyone who is sexually active, it’s very important to go to the doctors and get tested for STIs! Many universities have nurses you can talk to about these things too, so don’t be afraid – it’s your health.

3. Practice safe sex!

There are a few ways to practice safe, but the most predominant way is to use a condom, as it stops the exchange of any bodily fluids. (You can get the one-for-one Hero condoms in most Co-op stores). If you’re in a long-term relationship, other methods may be good too, like the contraceptive pill or implants – always talk with your doctor first about what options are best for you and your situation.

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Good luck and happy times!