Looking For Alaska 10th Anniversary

First love, last words.

Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of John Green’s heartbreaking novel, Looking for Alaska. It is hard to think it’s been a decade, as it remains just as relevant and tear-jerking to this day. To celebrate, Looking For Alaska is being re-released in a beautiful anniversary edition containing exclusive notes, deleted scenes and an introduction from John Green.

Looking For AlaskaLooking For Alaska is a beautiful, deeply emotional novel about the pain of growing up, first love and dealing with grief for the first time. Miles packs his bags for boarding school, inspired by a need “to seek a great perhaps”. There he meets Alaska, the beautiful and tragic heroine who, while struggling with her own labryinth of demons, helps Miles discover his great perhaps. As the school year progresses, through great pranks and first romance, tragedy strikes the group. John Green delivers a poignant and impactful exploration of love and loss. It’s also one of the most poetically written books that perfectly blends the philosophy and the rawness of being sixteen.

It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed. I feel so lucky that Alaska is still in print and still finding readers (some of whom were in preschool when it was first published). Thanks to everyone who has read it and shared it this past decade, and I hope you enjoy the anniversary edition! — John Green, posted on his tumblr

I am really looking forward to this special edition, especially being able to read more from John Green. I love his books so much, seeing some of the ‘deleted scenes’ of Looking For Alaska will be awesome.

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This 10 Year Anniversary edition is available for pre-order online.



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