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Here at the Co-op, we’re excited about all the changes being made so we can bring more to you. Not only have we changed our name but we’ve got new products, partners, competitions and better Member pricing, we’re proving that we’re a true omni-channel retailer.

(In case you’re wondering what omni-channel means, it’s retail speak for the fact you can connect with and shop with us online, on a mobile, through social media, via our new UniBuzz app, and of course through ‘bricks-and-mortar’ stores – all 52 of them)

In the past few weeks we’ve had some great industry press and today you’ll find the Co-op featuring on page three of The Australian.

If you’ve read one of the articles in Marketing Mag, the Courier-Mail, or today’s Australian, and are wondering if you’re still a Co-op Member, let’s find out!

Head to our website and answer a few short questions so we can answer your question: ‘Am I Still a Member?’


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