Lost and Found

Lost and Found is a debut novel from Australian author, Brooke Davis. I definitely enjoyed this quirky and unusual novel!

Millie Bird has a strange fascination for dead things. She’s seven years old and still reeling from losing her father to cancer when she finds herself forgotten about – her mother has left her behind in a department store. While waiting for her to come back, Millie meets Karl the Touch Typist, who has run away from his nursing home. Millie also teams up with her cantakerous neighbour, Agatha Pantha, who is enjoying her elderly years by yelling abuse at anyone who passes her house. When it becomes clear that Millie’s mum is not coming back to get her, the three embark on an adventure to try and catch up with her at Millie’s aunt’s house in Melbourne.

The trio steal a bus, terrorise a train and walk through a desert on their wild and life-affirming adventure to reunite Millie and her mum. Along the way, Karl and Agatha prove that being old by no means lessen ones ability to enjoy life again.

Lost and Found is very funny in places, heartwarming in others. But overall I think it was lacking a glue that would have held it together and made it a better book. The book quickly descends into slapstick comedy, a story of said seven-year old teaming up with the most irresponsible geriatrics ever – seriously, someone needs to keep a closer eye on Millie!!

This being said, it does have some great moments – Agatha, for all her shouting and vitriol, actually has a heart; Karl, who has lost so much, finds family and love again; and Millie goes on an adventure that enables her to at least understand her grief and loss, and that definitely has a positive impact on her future.

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Overall, a cute and quirky novel from a great new writer.

Lost and Found will be available in-store and online on June 24th

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