Make a Christmas Star from a Book

Christmas Star made from a book

For some of you what I am proposing here is sacrilegious, but… sometimes you’ve got that book on your shelf that you were given, you read it, you don’t really want it but you can’t just throw it out, so what do you do?

Sure you could take it to a second hand book shop, or you could pass it on to a friend, leave it in the draw of a hotel with the bible from Bible Society, or you can get your craft on and up-cycle that book to something new for Christmas.

What you need to make a Christmas Star from a book:

  1. A book
  2. Scissors
  3. Sticky tape

When selecting your book a couple of things to keep in mind are:

  • Size – doesn’t matter what size, the bigger the book format the bigger the star will be.
  • Thickness – the thicker the pages the stronger the star will be, so using a dictionary with really thin paper isn’t the type of book to use for this project.

For those who learn by watching here’s a bit of a clip for you (warning the tune is very catchy).

For those who prefer the step-by-step (ooh baby) instructions here they are:

  • Christmas Star from a BookRip some pages from your book – if you still have qualms about book harm take a breath and go with it – it does get easier.

For a B-Format (bigger new release books are ‘trade book’ size, regular ‘classic’ size book is b-format) book you need about 8-10 pages.

For the next steps you can do a page at a time or multiple pages – just keep in mind that the more pages the thicker and harder to cut the paper gets.

  • Fold the paper in half longways.
  • Fold the paper in half longways again
  • Hold the folded paper by the middle of the page (i.e. the corner with no open bits)
  • Cut the corners off the open sides. This is a diagonal cut that leaves a couple of millimetres on each long side
  • Still holding the middle corner cut two (or more if you are using a bigger book) diagonal slits in the paper – don’t cut all the way through or you’ll loose half your page!
  • Open the pages up and you should have a diamond shaped piece of paper with two nearly diamonds in side it
  • Join the corners of the smallest inside diamond together and stick them together with some tape
  • Turn the page over and stick the corners of the next diamond together with sticky tape
  • Turn the page over and stick the outer diamond together with some tape. Continue for other diamonds if you’ve got them. When you’ve stuck them all together they should alternate direction
  • When you’ve ‘cornered’ all your pages stick them together in pairs
  • Stick the pairs together until the points are close together – and *ta-(st)dar* you’re done
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If your points are a bit to distant from one another you can use a bit of tape folded on itself to bring them together, or even a paper clip to join together.

To hang your star you can use some string through a hole in one of the points, or if you’re sticking to the stationery theme use a paperclip (they really are fantastic little things aren’t they!

So there you are  – one way to up-cycle a book into a Christmas decoration!

If you give it a go I’d love to hear how you went in the comments, or if you’re on Facebook share a pic on our wall or send us a tweet – @thecoopau

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