Making friends… how awkward

Okay! I assume I am not the only one who goes through those weird, quirky, awkward stages while making friends. What do you do when you are left alone like a lost gazelle with a foreign creature who only speaks “Hi, how are you, how was your week, my name is Matt……..”


Check out some of my tips to escape the wrath of these awkward small-talk conversations.

1)            Stating beforehand that you are bad with conversations helps take that performance pressure away

2)            “I have really got to go, but see you later” is a winner for sneaking out

3)            Throwing out some random weird question works the best, or even talking about a recent event. For instance a few months ago Gangnam Style was very popular. Try to refrain from mimicking the dance moves though…

REMEMBER: you are not a quitter, but a mountain climber! Making new friends can be fun and is not as much of a nightmare as you may think. Think of it as introducing yourself for how awesome and cool you are, that someone else should not be missing out on.

So, now onto actually making friends at uni – how do you do it?

1)            Be memorable – being the first person to ask questions in class is not embarrassing, but clever

2)            Highlight any similarities, for example: “Where are you from? Sydney? So am I! Hi-Fi!”

3)            Join uni clubs. I made most of my friends during club meets – you have the same hobbies to jam on

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4)            Practicals and tutorials are the best way to make friends. To be honest that is where most people meet and end up sticking together for the rest of the degree. You will end up catching up in front of the practical rooms and asking “Hey did you do those pre-lab questions?”

5)            Be as fun as you can. Remember, you are not the only one going through that awkward stage of making friends, so make light of the situation!

6)            Refer to my fool-proof, step-by-step guide:

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