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With the addition of all the new digital channels recently, anime has found a regular spot on TV with ABC3. Vampire Knight airs on Wednesday and Saturday nights, with episodes of Fruits Basket and Ouran High Host Club airing on Sunday nights. There are also a number of other series available to watch on ABC’s online iView.

As anime are often shorter than their manga counterpart it’s quite common for the story, and the ending, of an anime to differ from the original manga. Other times, the manga will continue the story further than the anime. So if you want the whole story the manga is the way to go!

Vampire Knight is set in Cross Academy, a boarding school with a day class of humans, and a night class of vampires. Yuki is an orphan, adopted by the chairman of Cross Academy. Kaname is head of the night class, and Yuki’s vampire saviour, while Yuki’s friend Zero holds a deep hatred of vampires.

Ouran High Host Club is, again, set in a high class boarding school. However it’s more of a light hearted tale. One day, while looking for a place to study, Haruhi accidentally destroys a priceless vase belonging to the Host Club. Now, to pay of the debt, she must work for the strange members of the club.

Finally, Fruits Basket is a fan favourite. Tohru Honda is invited to live with her classmate Yuki Sohma when her home is washed away in a storm. While there, she uncovers the secret that the Sohma family have tried to keep hidden. Each of them can transform into one of the animals of the zodiac!

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Wishlists have been put together for all three series, listing all available volumes. You can view these by clicking the titles above. There’s also a lovely Vampire Knight art book with illustrations from the author of the series. And, for Fruits Basket fans, you can get the entire series in a single box set.

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