When he was a child, Marcus used to fall asleep every night lying on his stomach with his feet in the air and his chin rested on his hands with a book propped up against the bedhead in front of him.

He then grew taller, finished school, learned to drive and got his own family, but aside from that, nothing much changed.

He makes epic journeys with Eddings while on the train.

He is awed and amazed at people and their lives with Tsiolkas while drinking coffee.

He grows plantations with Holmgren while taking a bath.

And now he falls asleep on his side with a book in his hand, rather than on his stomach.

Favourite Book: A Plague of Angels by Sherri Tepper

You could have met Marcas at The Co-op Bundoora, but now you’ll find him as the Manager at The Co-op VU Footscray Park – click here for posts by Marcus.


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