Me and Wheels

People who go to UTS Co-op would know me as Ben, the polite and friendly tall guy. However, when the roller shutter goes down in the evening I take off my name badge and embody my alter ego – Wheels, The Smug Sydney Cyclist!

Wheels shreds the asphalt while you’re sitting in traffic or sweating all over each other on public transport. Wheels lashes his mechanical horse to the nearest signpost while you duel for parking spaces. Wheels is slim and sun-drenched from hours aboard his mobile gymnasium. In fact, it’s contentious argument as to which is smaller; his waistline or his carbon footprint.

Self-satisfaction aside, cycling’s the bees knees. It combines the convenience of reliable transport with the thrill of cheating death providing the most tolerable form of exercise out there. Wheels loves his bike but not everyone loves Wheels. I’ve come close to being liquidated by Sydney taxis on a few occasions. Even riding on the footpath has its perils – the other night a large man started yelling as I approached and then punched me with his beer-free arm. Jealous.

Before I became Wheels I was a little pedal-prejudiced myself. I remember being stuck behind painfully revealing lycra in my car and wishing to rid the roads of bikes all together. But as Wheels can tell you, no amount of abuse and violence can burst our satisfied bicyle bubble. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

I’ve even converted my overweight petrolhead father to the cause. As a passionate mechanic, he spends very little time actually pedalling, but like me, he takes keen interest in bike maintenance and cool accessories!  This month the Co-op is featuring a great range of helmets, saddle bags, lights and reflectors – check them out here. With these great Member prices and sunny spring now upon us, I think you should join me in rewarding your alter ego.

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