Merivel is Rose Tremain’s magical sequel to Restoration

Merivel is a man of his time – an older man, granted, but still keeping up with it all. He also happens to be great friends and the doctor of the King.

His daughter is growing up fast and without a mother’s guidance she is going to become unrefined and unmarried.

He sends her to court to be tutored by the Dutchess which in the end goes in her favour as she meets and falls in love with a charming, rich, well-to-do, about-the-castle young man.

Merivel is not without his own love interest. He meets the tortured wife of a highly ranked officer and they embark on a salacious affair spanning many continents.

The Cons:

For me it didn’t deliver what the description had to offer. I didn’t weep, I didn’t laugh, and at times I just skim read it. It was rather predictable and I was dissapointed. The story jumped around and parts lead nowhere or don’t give any insight to some of the more interesting storylines, which became frustrating. There are some chapters that I felt were just padding to make it more tantilising. There is also a plot about a bear that is unneeded, and a pistol duel that left me asking, “what the?”

The Pros:

I liked that it was easy to read and I could put it down at anytime, pick it back up and knew where the story was going without having to re-read parts of it. The characters were easily relatable, carefully thought through and the plot was true to its time. There were a couple of surprising characters that pop up in the story that I enjoyed, and although their parts in Merivel’s life are fleeting, it gave the book a bit of spark.

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If you’re looking for an easy read, Merivel is for you.

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