Miles off Course

Miles off Course

Miles off Course is the third book in the Roland Sinclair mystery series, and picks up soon after A Decline in Profits ended, with Rowley and his friends recovering from their last adventure at a resort in the Blue Mountains. Then Harry Simpson goes missing…

Rowely and his mismatched band pack up and head to the NSW high country to find Harry. Sounds reasonably easy, but nothing involving Roland Sinclair seems to be easy or go to plan and the group find themselves in the middle of conspiracy and crime wave – stealing, kidnapping, attempted murder, murder and treason…

What I really like about this series is the way Sulari Gentill weaves history in with the story. Each chapter has a clipping from a newspaper from the time that links with the story, she also manages to introduce historical figures as characters in the book – even managing to get Kate Leigh (one of Sydney’s top ‘Razor Gang’ figures and sly grog provider) into this story.

If you are looking for a good Australian story and you like your crime Agatha Christie style then you’ll love the Rowland Sinclair series.

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